Friday, March 5, 2010

Frightened Rabbit - The Midnight Organ Fight

Who are they?

They're an indie rock band from Selkirk, Scotland. Many musicians claim this album to be their favorite release of 2008.

Favorite track?

The Modern Leper or My Backwards Walk

MySpace page? Website?

YouTube? Here's the audio for The Modern Leper and the audio for My Backwards Walk



  1. Hi! Thanks for commenting, I will def check out some of the bands you recommend! What a great idea to make a blog like this ;)

  2. Love this album. Their new one comes out very soon and I have heard great things.

  3. Thanks, glad you like it

    Cheese: Yeah it just got released a few days ago, it is great!

  4. Tyson so glad you told me about your blog! I'm a sucker for indie music :) My latest obsession is Local Natives...if you haven't already covered them you should give them a listen xo alicia

  5. What a great blog! Our musictaste is quite similar and now I have another source to find new artists. (:

    Check out "Two Door Cinema Club", an Irish band, you might like. Their new album was published some days ago - they remind me of Phoenix.
    And "Shout Out Louds" are brilliant, too. They're quite famous, so you might already know them, but let's play it safe. (;

    Best wishes from Europe.

  6. Hey! Thanks for the suggestion. I`ve already found three amazing bands I haven`t heard of before. Excited to follow your blog.

    You should check out...maybe... The Books, Born Ruffians, and The Cat Empire. If you haven`t already!

  7. loving it! thanks for the recommendations there ladies :D

  8. And something else I have to share:
    Nervous Nellie, another Swedish Indie band.
    I'm going to see them live in a few weeks and I'm already soo excited (:

    Their new album is called "Why dawn is called mourning" and I fell in love with the song "Long as can be".

    Hope you'll like it!

  9. You reccomended I check out your blog for music I might like: you were right. I actually listen to Frightened Rabbit--my favorite song of theirs' is 'The Twist.'

    I listen to almost any type of music other than rap and country--indie, classical, rock, alternative, electric, folk, voice, latin...

    If I'm stuck listening to Mumford & Sons right now, what would you reccomend to clear my head other than Kings of Leon and The Hours?

    Have you heard of Amanda Ghost? Check out her song 'Infernos' if you haven't. Her lyrics are... wistful and beautiful.